Hee Haw Coming To Broadway!

heehaw098-x365 (2)

heehaw098-x365 (2)

Are you a a Hee Haw fan? Can’t get enough of the pickin’ and grinnin’ fun in the “Kornfield? Then we have some great news for you! Word just got out that you will soon get to see the classic country television show Hee Haw the Musical on Broadway!
Rather than the variety music and sketch comedy we’re used to, it will focus on the story of one particular pair of Hee Haw characters, a wiley sexpot from Kornfield Kounty and her boyfriend whose wedding gets put on hold when she decides she wants to see the world first.

The show is being put together by Steve Buchanan, head of Opry Entertainment, with a script by Robert Horn and music by Shane McAnally and Brandy Clark. Many of the original characters made famous from the TV show appear in the musical, including Grandpa Jones, Misty Rowe, Lulu Roman (love her!) and Junior Samples.

We can’t wait!

– via CMNB

Watch The Very Firs t Episode from 1969:

Hee Haw Episode 1 (1969) by DemonPreyer

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