How to Buy a House in North East Arkansas without Dying

Buying a house can be a joy, but if we are all honest about it, it can also be a chore. This is the difinitve guide to buying a home in Spring River country without causing a stress releated illness.

1. Make it a game.

Once you decide on a monthly payment, the game is (a) to see how much below that payment you can negotiate and/or (b) how nice of a house you can find for the same money. Making this the modus operandi changes everything for the better. The sweetest thing is to both find a home under budget, AND a lot of great house for the money. Double bonus points in this game.

2. Make it fun.
You, like me, like free. It cost nothing to have a house hunt. It can really be a good time, like a day out. A gosh dern adventure, I say! Ahem… Calling a realtor is like calling a friend who just happens to be down to show you a bunch of houses for sale. It should be like that anyway (see 3 below.) The realtor will meet you and the tour begins. Name the houses that you see, so when you talk about them it’s entertaining. Did you see the wine cellar in Milfred? Ask about defects such as water in the basement, the age of the house, if anyone has ever been stabbed there – the basics. If anything turns up – bonus points! This can help steer you away from a bad deal.

The process of making an offer is also free and can be a point of joy. After looking at the homes, decide on your favorite and make an offer. Think of the offer like this. Asking price: A. 5% less. B. 10% less. C. 15% less. D. 20% less, etc. You can choose to play the game by offering C. 15% off the asking price, hold your breath and see what happens. It’s exilerating! Worst thing that can happen is they decline the offer. The game is not low ball everything, but it’s good to save money and get a good deal. You will be surprised at how often you will save money just by making an offer and waiting for a yes.

3. Call DeAnna McGinnes – The House Wisperer.
There are several real estate places around town like Coldwell Banker Ozark Real Estate, King Rhodes and Associates, Ozark Gateway, Southern Pines and others but if you want to have fun looking for houses with someone who is really on your side, call DeAnna McGinnes at Coldwell Banker Ozark Real Estate, 870-856-3206. DeAnna is absolutely amazing. She may litterally sparkle. She knows where the best gems are hiding and always knows how to help. Go enjoy a house hunt today! North east Arkansas has some of the most affordable water front property in the nation, by the way. Wink, wink!

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