Neal McCoy: Fans Not Told Truth Initially About Trace Adkins Aboard Cruise

Courtesy:  Neal McCoy's Facebook Page

Courtesy: Neal McCoy’s Facebook Page

90′s Country icon, Neal McCoy was one of the many artists on the Country Music Cruise that was disrupted by Trace Adkin’s fight and departure to enter rehab for his alcoholism.

Yesterday, the star took to Facebook and spoke out about the cruise and his feelings on the entire situation.

After hearing and reading about some of the opinions of what happened recently on the Trace Adkins Country Cruise, I just wanted to weigh in. I was one of the artist in the All Star line-up to entertain all the Cruise guest last week, made up entirely of Country music fans from the US and other countries.

Not actually witnessing the so-called confrontation, blown way out of proportion by some of the media, between Trace and the Trace impersonator, I won’t say much about that.

I will however say that folks oughta have a little more sympathy for Trace and Rhonda and the kids as they are going through a pretty tough time in their lives right now. Obviously Trace is trying to do the right thing by facing this thing head on and getting some help. I have always thought of Trace as a no nonsense kind of guy with a Huge Heart!!! If you know him, you love him.
I understand some of the cruise guest being upset about not getting to see Trace perform, and maybe hangin with him on the ship. I do however think that sometimes things happen,,,, and everybody involved, in this case The Flying Dutchmen Travel folks and Trace’s camp, tried to do the best they could to keep people happy, even if it meant fudging on the truth at first on the reason he left the ship.

I realize the guest were told something at first that wasn’t true but I also think it was done to soften the blow of losing Trace from the ship for the week. Especially until everyone could get their arms around exactly what challenges Trace was facing.
Unfortunately nothing can replace a Trace Adkins performance on a ship full of Trace Adkins lovers. The offer for a meet and greet and free tickets to a Trace show the next time he’s in the area, By his camp was hopefully a good way to start the mending process between Him and his fans out there.

As far as the rest of the cruise, I was impressed by the way all the artist stepped up to offer their support of Trace and The Flying Dutchmen Travel folks, by having an all day Festival style Country music Expo! The last day at Sea.

I know it obviously didn’t satisfy everyone on the Norwegian Pearl but I thought it was a great show of camaraderie by all the musicians out there. After all the guest still did get a 7day cruise on the Caribbean on a Fabulous ship full of Great Country music.

By no means have I been appointed by anyone to say this stuff. This is just my take!

As folks who have seen my show know, I tend to ramble a little,,prolly doing so right now so I’ll quit writing.
One last thing, our main concern right now should be for the Adkins family. Maybe a little less rock throwing (that whole cast the first stone thing). That does it,,,,Just had to get this off my chest!!!

The prayers of Country Music Nation are still with Trace Adkins and his family.

Watch Neal & Trace Sing Charly Pride’s “Roll On Mississippi”:

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