Why In The World Was Dierks Bentley Removed From CMT HQ?



….Dierks Bentley hacked onto CMT’s Twitter feed this morning. Or well…it was really a Twitter Takeover. It all started about 9 AM this morning.

“rule #1 — you should never leave your company’s twitter open at work. Guess I will have some fun with this.” — Dierks

Right after that, just to quiet any suspicions that Bentley wasn’t really hacking into CMT’s Twitter account, he posted a selfie with the caption, “yep, it’s really me! Let’s make the most of this!”– Dierks

Then he got to the point.

“not sure if CMT has caught on, but while I’m on here I might as well announce something, right?” — Dierks

And so came his tweets about his upcoming Riser tour.

“looks like Goldie will be working overtime this year. Y’all ready for a #RISERTOUR?!”

“want to know who will be joining me on the #RISERTOUR?”

“can’t wait to ‘Stay Up All Night’ and ‘party’ with this dude #RISERTOUR.”

He meant Jon Pardi, who was quick to reply to the Bentley/CMT message by tweeting, “This is hilarious. can’t wait man! I’m ready now.”

“Alright so we got @jonpardi on the #RISERTOUR. You ready for the next artist?” — Dierks

“here comes the next artist on the #RISERTOUR! Ready, set, roll..” (And by that he meant Chase Rice, who tweeted back, “Couldn’t be talkin about me could you Dierks??? ;) “)

“The lineup for the #RISERTOUR is lookin good with @jonpardi and @chasericemusic. I got one more for ya.” — Dierks

“The last guy on the #RISERTOUR sounds good in the AM or PM. Can’t wait to see him play under the ‘Neon’

For that tweet, Bentley added a nice little video of himself singing Chris Young‘s “Neon.” To which Young replied, “Can’t wait to hit the road with you brother!”

Only thing is the dates and cities have yet to be announced:

“excited to see y’all out on the road! more info on cities and dates are coming soon. wonder if CMT will kick me off anytime soon.” — Dierks

And then Dierks was removed from the premises and the photo above was tweeted as evidence.

-via CMT.com

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