You Don’t Want To Mess With Kenny Chesney & His Copyrights



Kenny Chesney seems to be a laid-back kind of guy. However when you you mess with him and his copyrights, you can throw that persona right out the window.

NashvilleGab is reporting that Kenny has filed a lawsuit against a company that has been producing merchandise featuring Chesney’s logo without permission.

In January of 2013, Chesney and the company came to an agreement that T&M could sell the rest of their stuff, but then would stop producing more after their items were gone. They didn’t do that so now a lawsuit has been filed.

“We believed we had an equitable settlement in place,” a statement from a Chesney spokesman said. “As time has passed, we realized that, in fact, the defendant had no intention of honoring the agreement. Regrettably, we were forced into taking further legal action. The details of our complaint are provided in the lawsuit filed in Nashville.”

The lawsuit is asking for damages and Kenny’s camp wants the judge to make T&M stop creating their knock-offs.

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